What kind of clothes do they make up? 

Our specialty is sportswear and swimwear, except denim and haute couture.


Where are they located?

We are located in Guadalajara, Jalisco México.


Can I do make up with you if I belong to another state or country?

Yes, we work in the same way with our local, national and international clients.


Can I make up with you my own brand?

Yes, just imagine we create it.


Do you have a fabric swatch?

Yes, all our fabrics are of the best quality and have technology.


What services do they offer?

  • Pattern and Sizing

  • Sublimation

  • Cut and confection

  • Textile Vinyl, Printed Vinyl, Cutout Vinyl

  • Embroidery

  • Laser engraving

  • Labelled

  • Packaging National and International Shipping


What is the process for make up?

Email us at: ventas@gigafitness.com.mx Tell us about your project or brand. Add photographs of the garments that you are interested in making, as well as details and observations that you would like to include, we will finally contact you to follow up and resolve all your doubts.


How can I contact them?

You can send us a message from the contact form or send an email to

info@gigafitness.com.mx / ventas@gigafitness.com.mx


What is the cost if I want to make up?

The price per garment is based on the specifications you request, since we cover your needs in terms of making your garment.