Terms and Conditions

You can request a change without additional charge if you have any of the following:

• If the product you ordered is not of the correct size.
• Has a manufacturing defect.
• The product is not the requested one.

It is important to remember that this is only valid if the product you purchased was already delivered and you are within the 15 calendar days you have for the change. All changes are made through a coupon for the total amount of your purchase within the term and conditions established for it.
Change policies
1. If you want to make a change or return your order, it is necessary that you communicate with us to our Customer Service Center, or send an email to info@gigafitness.com.mx with subject “Return item”
2. Any change is valid only within the first 15 calendar days after receiving your product.
3. It is necessary that the product to be changed has not been used.
4. You must use your coupon in full, thus avoiding losing the remaining difference.
5. You have 15 calendar days to use your coupon from the date you receive it.
6. You can use your coupon to buy the same or a different product. Choose the one you like best!
7. You can buy a higher value product than your coupon and cover the difference by the payment method you prefer.